Lobbying Scandal M’Lord? – What Lobbying Scandal?

Cameron's Big Society

Click above to see Cameron’s Big Society

A momentary analysis of the graphic above debunks Cameron ‘Big Society’ as convincingly as Edwina Curry exploded John Major’s equally risible ‘Back to Basic’s’ – the Tories vision for a  new moral Britain back in the nineties.

An incredible one third of UK ministers are linked to UK companies fueling climate change,   a situation which has been described by the World Development Movement’s director, Deborah Doane,  as

“a finance- energy complex in the heart of Government”.

What are the implications of the UK Government’s appointment of  so many former and present oil and gas industry moguls into government – an industry recently identified by the Financial Times as the UK’s most corrupt?  And whose interests are being served? Not yours,  you can be sure. In fact it appears the ‘Big’ in Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ stands for ‘Big’ Business. The Fossil Fuel Business that is.

It could be argued, although rather unconvincingly, that former employees of Big Oil and Gas are just that – so no longer troubled by potential conflicts of interest. But present employees? Will Lynton Crosby pull some strings for Dart Energy up in Scotland? Might Lord Browne have a few quiet words to help Cuadrilla’s planning applications in the Weald? And the 50  other energy employees presently on secondment in Government? How they differentiate their expertise from their commercial interest one can only guess.

The prospects of new onshore unconventional oil and gas reserves have the ‘greenest government ever’  spinning  at an RPM more reminiscent of the worst New Labour days. Indeed it feels like they never left…………….

One wonders what such high powered oil industry ‘expertise’ is costing the government, let alone our future? Worryingly, Lord Browne is not charging the government for his time and expertise as Non Executive Director for the Cabinet Board but Lynton Crosby, who cost the Tory Party £140,000 for  Boris’s 2008  4 month Mayoral election campaign, presumably is. His present contract with the Tories lasts till the elections of 2015. Where are the Tories getting the money from? The Fossil Fuel business perhaps?

Wiki describes Crosby as ‘a master of the dark political arts’.  It is revealing that this is what Cameron is looking for  now that his previous spinners, ‘ masters of the dark journalistic arts’ are indisposed.


Lobbying Scandal M’Lord – what lobbying scandal?

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